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About us

  • LexCare is fastest growing company in legal & regulatory compliance space
  • LexCare was formed with a sole objective of simplifying compliances across all the industries
  • LexCare has its registered office and global delivery center in Pune, India and business locations in Mumbai, Delhi, Vishakhapatnam and Bangalore
  • LexCare Journey started with 2 people which has grown to 50+ people
  • LexCare has combined Technology, Content and Legal expertise to provide comprehensive IT-enabled Compliance Solution to all size of companies operating in India and globally
  • LexCare has created comprehensive checklist/repository of compliances under all federal and state level laws for India and 15 International jurisdictions
  • LexCare has developed Robust Compliance System/Tool which is very closed to the clients exact needs
  • LexCare has launched Worlds First Portal for Compliance Checklists (compliancechecklist.in)
  • LexCare has also developed & Implemented Litigation & Contract Management Solution

Lead the way to simplify compliances for all businesses, enabling them to focus on their core activities and helping bring a positive change in the society.


  • Correctly interpret all laws of the land and present them in simplified language that a common man will understand
  • Spread awareness through digital platforms, forums and specialized campaigns that will enable us to reach most of the businesses even of the smallest size
  • Closely work with businesses to achieve maximum compliance by training, handholding and making the compliance part of their routine day to day activities
  • Highlight real compliance issues faced by businesses to government
  • Engage with businesses to maintain compliance level on a sustainable basis